Blue Barricade, oil on linen, 60"x96"

Untitled (Confederacy), oil on canvas, 60"x48"

Untitled (Veronica), oil and latex on canvas, 60"x96"

Terror Function, installation image

Terror Function, vinyl lettering on painted wall, variable

Gate, replica of Syrian fence, 67" x 180"

Untitled (Memorial), 14k gold, pendant: 1.5"x1.38"

Untitled (Finger in the Dirt), oil and spray paint, 10"x8"

Small Offering, chrome plate and charred organs on steel, 24"x24"

Vereschagin, charcoal on paper, 14"x10"

Jihadi, original poem, laser print in acrylic frame, 14"x11.5"

The Penguin, video still, 1:20

White Barricade, oil on linen, 60"x96"

Rainbow, oil on canvas, 24"x24"  

Dire Wolf, oil and spray paint on canvas, 24"x24"

Agnes, oil on linen, 24"x24"  

Big Lattice, oil on linen, 60"x96"  

Geist, oil on linen, 60"x48"  

Sparagmos, oil on linen, 60"x48"  

Mother Ann, oil on canvas, 60"x48"  

Harlequin, oil on linen, 20"x20"  

Acid Queen, oil on linen, 114"x78"  

Devourer, oil on linen, 42"x75"  

Sprinkles, oil on gessoed paper, 48"x40"

Tina, sequin stretch fabric over photograph, 18"x18"

Portal, oil on panel, 18"x10"  

For Halley, oil on linen, 24"x24"  

Arkansas, oil on linen, 20"x14"  

Whitey, oil on canvas, 18"x14"  

You're One of My Babies inkjet print, 6" x 6"

Magic Wand, oil on canvas, blocks, 72"x80"

Skull, oil on shaped panel, 16"x8"x8"

Untitled (Party), oil on canvas,  72"x66"

Goliath, machined brass and  stainless steel rod, 1.75"x114"

Gaza, fluorescent lights, cinder blocks, variable

Tomb, oil rags, spray plastic, cinder blocks, variable

Prom, dance floor section, party supplies, 12"x30"x18

Abel, acrylic on canvas, fluorescent lights, 96"x96"x20"

Cesarean, oil on canvas, fluorescent light structure, --

Window, oil on canvas, fluorescent light structure, --

Reconstruction, multi media  installation, --